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F. Donald Logan

University Education of the Parochial Clergy in Medieval England: The Lincoln Diocese, c.1300–c.1350

Studies and Texts 188. 2014. xiv, 198 pp.
ISBN 978–0–88844–188–1 • Cloth • $80.00

The need for an educated parochial clergy had been seen from early times. During the first half of the fourteenth century, over twelve hundred rectors of Lincoln diocese received permission to absent themselves from their parishes to attend university. Many dispensations were granted by virtue of Pope Boniface VIII's decretal Cum ex eo of 1298, but the Lincoln bishops' registers reveal a much wider practice. This volume examines this educational phenomenon and concludes with an appendix listing the Lincoln rector/students and the permissions they received.


Joseph Pucci

Augustine's Virgilian Retreat: Reading the Auctores at Cassiciacum

Studies and Texts 187. 2014. xvi, 192 pp.
ISBN 978–0–88844–187–4 • Cloth • $80.00

This volume historicizes Augustine's habit of turning to ancient diction through the specific act of quotation, locating this habit in pedagogical and philosophical practices owed to his training. Far from disdaining or rejecting his ancient inheritance, Augustine made his first task at Cassiciacum the articulation of a method by which the pagan auctores represented by Virgil might be made safe for Christianity.


Kriston R. Rennie

The Collectio Burdegalensis: A Study and Register of an Eleventh-Century Canon Law Collection

Studies and Texts 185; Mediaeval Law and Theology 6. 2013. xiv, 248 pp.
ISBN 978–0–88844–185–0 • Cloth • $95.00

This book offers a study and register of the French canon law collection known as the Collectio Burdegalensis. Considerable attention is devoted to the compiler's use and organisation of legal sources, and a rich historical background of church reform in late eleventh-century Aquitaine is provided. By examining when, where, by whom, and how this collection was made, the study re-evaluates its place and value among other legal collections of the period.

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Robert Easting and Richard Sharpe

Peter of Cornwall's Book of Revelations

Studies and Texts 184; British Writers 5. 2013. xvi, 616 pp., plus 2 b/w plates
ISBN 978-0-88844-184-3 • Cloth • $150.00

This volume aims to introduce to a wider audience Peter of Cornwall (c.1140–1221), the diligent and methodical compiler of monumental works, of which one, the Liber Reuelationum, preserved uniquely in Lambeth Palace MS 51, is the focus for this study.

NOTE: Co-published with The Bodleian Library (ISBN 978-1-85124-254-2).  Customers in Europe, including the United Kingdom: please order this title from Bodleian Library Publishing.


Edited by
Richard J. Moll

William Caxton. The Booke of Ovyde Named Methamorphose

Studies and Texts 182; British Writers 4. 2013. viii, 652 pp.
ISBN 978–0–88844–182–9 • Cloth • $150.00

William Caxton’s translation of the prose Ovide Moralisé was the first English version of Ovid's Metamorphoses. Caxton's translation can be used as an entry point into the complex textual tradition of Ovidian commentaries. The present edition seeks to renew interest in Caxton’s text and to encourage study of it in its own right.

NOTE: Co-published with The Bodleian Library (ISBN 978–1–85124–253–5). Customers in Europe, including the United Kingdom: please order this title from Bodleian Library Publishing.

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Thomas M. McCoog

“And Touching Our Society”: Fashioning Jesuit Identity in Elizabethan England

Studies and Texts 183; Catholic and Recusant Texts 3. 2013. xiv, 476 pp.
ISBN 978–0–88844–183–6 • Cloth • $95.00

The Jesuit mission to Elizabethan England began with the arrival of Edmund Campion and Robert Persons in 1580. This collection brings together thirteen landmark essays by Thomas M. McCoog, SJ, on the Society of Jesus in England, Ireland, and Scotland, four of them appearing in English for the first time.

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Nicholas Orme

English School Exercises, 1420–1530

Studies and Texts 181. 2013. xii, 442 pp.
ISBN 978–0–88844–181–2 • Cloth • $95.00

This edition of twelve collections of grammar-school exercises makes available for the first time the majority of the material in the genre. The exercises – sentences or short prose passages – illustrate the kind of Latin taught in schools at the end of the middle ages and show how schoolmasters went about teaching the language. Together, they also provide a new source for the social and cultural history of England in the century before the Reformation.

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Edited and translated by
James P. Carley

John Leland. De uiris illustribus / On Famous Men

With the assistance of Caroline Brett. ST 172; British Writers 1. 2010. clx, 868 pp., with 8 black-and-white plates. ISBN 978–0–88844–172–0 • $175.00

NOTE: Co-published by The Bodleian Library (ISBN 978–1–85124–367–9). Customers in Europe, including the United Kingdom, please order from Bodleian Library Publishing

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