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Steven Watts


Steven Watts received his doctorate in 2016 from St. Andrew’s University for his dissertation “Let us run in love together: Master Jordan of Saxony (d. 1237) and the participation of women in the religious life of the Order of Preachers.” In 2015–2016 he was a Visiting Lecturer in Church History and Christian Thought and Culture at Regent College, Vancouver BC. He published “Diabolical Doubt: The Peculiar Account of Brother Bernard’s Demonic Possession in Jordan of Saxony’s Libellus,” in The Church and Doubt [Studies in Church History 52] (Cambridge, 2016): 102–117. As a Mellon Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Institute, Dr. Watts will explore how Jordan of Saxony and other leading members of the Dominican Order sought to shape the identity of the brethren following the death of Dominic of Caleruega.

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