Directory: E-mail and Telephone Contacts

The following page provides a list of principal contacts and addresses, together with a directory of all current staff and visitors. For a complete listing of Institute personnel, consult the list of officers, faculty, and staff and the archive of Mellon Fellows and visitors.

Alway, Richard
 Office 33
Black, Jonathan
 Office 03
Boulton, Maureen
Carley, James
 Office 28
Dinkova-Bruun, Greti
 Office 22
Photo not available
Edwards, William
Farge, James
 Office 29
Photo not available
Friends of the Library, FOTL
Harnum, Bill
 Office 01
Hutchison, Ann M.
 Office 12
Jones, Megan
 Office 06
Photo not available
Kamski, Stanley
 2nd Floor, Room D
Koopmans, Rachel
 Office 39
Mulchahey, Michèle
 Office 26
Osborne, John
Photo not available
PIMS, Library
 4th floor, 113 St Joseph Street
Pilsner, Joseph
 Office 13
Safran, Linda
 Office 20
Photo not available
Sloan, Michael
Smith, T. Allan
 Office 38
Stoclet, Alain J.
 Office 20
Thomson, Ron B.
Unwalla, Fred
 Office 02
Watson, Cynthia
 Office 35
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