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Svitlana Kobets


Svitlana Kobets (LMS 2009) was Visiting Professor at the University of Notre Dame 2003–2005, and Visiting Assistant Professor at the Kiev Mohyla Academy in the summer of 2006; since 2007 she has been Literature Instructor in the Continuing Education Division of St Michael’s College at the University of Toronto. In addition to her scholarship in Ukrainian and Russian literature, Dr Kobets has devoted much of her scholarly life to the study of holy foolishness, with over a dozen articles on this theme. With Priscilla Hunt, she coedited Holy Foolishness in Russia: New Perspectives (Slavica Publications, 2011). As a Visiting Fellow for 2017–2018, Dr Kobets will conduct research on the theme “To God through Folly: The Holy Fool as a Prophet and Visionary,” which will form part of her monograph on paradigms of foolishness.

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