A.G. Rigg (1937–2019)

In memoriam

We mourn the loss of George Rigg, beloved teacher, scholar, colleague, and Honourary Fellow of the Institute.

George Rigg, Professor Emeritus at the Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto, was instrumental in defining the field of Anglo-Latin studies over some four decades. He was founding editor of the series Toronto Medieval Latin Texts, for which he edited A Book of British Kings (2000), and was the author of A History of Anglo-Latin Literature, 1066–1422 (1992). He edited the poems of Walter of Wimborne (1978) and, with Charlotte Brewer, the Z version of Piers Plowman (1982), and published verse translations of “De coniuge non ducenda” under the title Gawain on Marriage (1986), as well as the poetry of Richard Maidstone (2003), among many other works. He was co-editor, with Frank Mantello, of Medieval Latin: An Introduction and Bibliographical Guide (1996), and produced verse translations of John Gower's Poems on Contemporary Events, published alongside the Latin originals edited by David R. Carlson in a volume published in the Institute's British Writers series, co-published with the Bodleian Library (2011). His remarkable contribution to medieval scholarship has been honoured in two volumes: Anglo-Latin and Its Heritage, edited by Siân Echard and Gernot R. Wieland (2001) and Interstices: Studies in Middle English and Anglo-Latin Texts, edited by Richard Firth Green and Linne R. Mooney (2004).

His obituary can be read here.

To read his memorial notice as published in Mediaeval Studies 80 (2018), click here.

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