The Glossed Bible: Editions and Studies of the Medieval Sacra pagina


We welcome proposals and submissions for our latest new book series, edited by Alexander Andrée, Mark J. Clark, Joseph Goering, and Timothy B. Noone.

The Glossed Bible is a new book series devoted to the biblical Glossa, which later acquired the sobriquet ordinaria. Despite its popularity as a textbook, and its importance to the development of theology in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries and to medieval thought more widely, the Gloss on the Bible has never been fully edited.

In order to rectify this deficiency, the series proposes carefully to edit the Latin text of each book (and, indeed, of each version) of the Gloss. Editors may choose to edit from a single representative manuscript from a relevant time and place, or more than one manuscript or, indeed, the entire tradition, if this should prove possible, and are encouraged to adapt philological models and practices relevant to their material. Texts related to the Gloss (lectures, commentaries, postille) may also be considered for publication, either in their own right or for the light they shed on the transmission of the Gloss. Each edition will be preceded by a detailed historical introduction, and the text will be supported by an apparatus fontium based on a thorough analysis of the textual witnesses, as well as philological and contextual notes.

Prospective editors are urged to contact Alexander Andrée (University of Toronto), Mark Clark (The Catholic University of America), Joe Goering (University of Toronto), or Tim Noone (The Catholic University of America).

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