The Palaeographical Messiah Returns to Brazil


Institute Librarian and Fellow Greti Dinkova-Bruun taught a three-week course in advanced Latin palaeography at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil from 4 May to 23 May.

This was her second visit to the University of Sao Paulo, and her course was once again attended by students from various departments and disciplines, from medieval historians and philosophers to classics majors and researchers in colonial and post-colonial studies. In addition to visiting a number of municipal and university libraries in order to establish connections with the Institute, Dr Dinkova-Bruun gave a public lecture at the State University of Campinas, where she spoke on the relationship between palaeography and medieval music notation. While at the “Mario de Andrade” library in Sao Paulo, she discovered a fascinating late-fifteenth-century Book of Hours written in Humanistic script and exhibiting an unusual decorating programme consciously avoiding all depictions of the human figure: in the image above, God is represented only by his hands, feet, and nimbus. In view of this discovery Greti has been invited to return next year in order to prepare the first comprehensive catalogue of medieval manuscripts in Brazil.

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