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Fr. Simon Mary Maroney

Fr Simon Mary of the Cross (Nicholas MARONEY), a Carmelite monk and priest, earned his STD in Theology at the International Marian Research Institute/Marianum under the supervision of Professor Deyanira Flores. His dissertation was entitled “Mary, Summa Contemplatrix in Denis the Carthusian.” His earlier licentiate thesis under the direction of then-Msgr. Frank Leo was entitled “Seminary Life and Formation under Mary’s Mantle: An Exploration of Mary’s Presence and Mission in Initial Priestly Training.” Before joining PIMS, Fr Simon Mary studied Canon Law at Saint Paul University, Ottawa with a concentration in religious and clerical law. He is a member of the Pontifical Academy of Mary and presently serves his contemplative community at their cloistered monastery situated in the silence and solitude of Wyoming’s Rocky Mountains. At PIMS, Fr Simon Mary will study the emergence and development in fourteenth century Carmelite texts of a Marian visitation to the hermits on Mount Carmel.

• 2023–2024, LMS Candidate

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