Kirsten Schut

Kirsten Schut earned her PhD in Medieval Studies at the University of Toronto under the co-supervision of Dr Martin Pickavé and Dr Lawrin Armstrong. Her dissertation is entitled “A Dominican Master of Theology in Context: John of Naples and Intellectual Life Beyond Paris, ca. 1300–1350.” Dr Schut has recently been a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Department of History at the University of Bristol (England) and an instructor in the Bachelor of Humanities–Great Books program at Carleton University (Ottawa). She has five articles either published or under review in journals, including “Death and a Clothing Swap: An Unusual Case of Death and Burial in the Religious Habit from Fourteenth-Century Naples” (Viator); she also has three book chapters either published or under review. At PIMS, Dr Schut will be continuing her research into a medieval pious practice of some lay Christians to be clothed in the habit of a religious order when they are dying and/or being interred.

• 2022–2023, Mellon Fellow

 Office 31

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