Shannon L. Wearing

Dr. Shannon L. Wearing earned her PhD in 2015 at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, with a dissertation entitled “Power and Style: The Liber Feudorum Maior and the Court of Alfonso II, King of Aragon and Count of Barcelona (r. 1162–1196).” She contributed an entry “The Death of the Patron: Agency, Style, and the Making of the Liber Feudorum Maior,” for Romanesque Patrons and Processes: Design and Instrumentality in Romanesque Europe, ed. Jordi Camps, Manuel Castineiras, John McNeill and Richard Plant (Routledge, 2018), 327–336. She is presently preparing a book, Image, Stone, and Song: Shaping Royal Identity in Medieval Barcelona (1150–1213). Dr. Wearing continues her work on artistic patronage and courtly culture during the aftermath of the establishment of the Crown of Aragon.

  • 2019–2020 - Mellon Fellows
 Office 25

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