Talia Zajac

Dr. Talia Zajac was awarded the PhD in 2017 from the University of Toronto, Centre for Medieval Studies, with a dissertation entitled “Women between West and East: the Inter-Rite Marriages of the Kyivan Rus’ Dynasty, ca. 1000–1204.” She was a Teaching Affiliate at the University of Nottingham, October 2018–June 2019, and a Lecturer in Medieval History (Teaching-Focused) at the University of Manchester, September 2019–July 2020. In 2019 she was the winner of the Canadian Association of Ukrainian Studies Best Article Prize for the year 2017–2018 for her “The Social-Political Roles of the Princess in Kyivan Rus’,” in A Companion to Global Queenship. As a Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow, Dr. Zajac will begin work on a monograph, “Foreign Brides as Agents of Transcultural Exchanges: Women in the Orthodox-Catholic Marriages of early Rus’, ca. 1000–1250.” Part of her work foresees the completion of the first English translation and commentary on the personal prayer book of Gertruda of Poland (d. 1107/8).

  • 2020–2021 - Mellon Fellows

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