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Vanina Kopp

In 2013, Vanina Kopp (Mellon Fellow and LMS Candidate) jointly submitted to the Universität Bielefeld and the École des hautes etudes en sciences sociales her dissertation, “Der König und die Bücher. Sammlung, Nutzung und Funktion der königlichen Louvrebibliothek amd spätmittelalterlichen Hof in Frankreich/Le roi et les livres. Collection, utilisation et fonction de la bibliothèque royale du Louvre à la cour au bas Moyen Age.” Since September 2012 she has been lecturer and researcher in the Department of History, Freiburg University. Among her publications are a co-edited book, Archiv-Macht-Wissen. Organisation und Konstruktion von Wissen und Wirklichkeiten in Archiven (Frankfurt, 2010), and three articles. During her tenure of the Mellon Research Fellowship, she will explore the theme “Reading as a Pastime at Court: The Performance of Literary Games and Poetic Competitions in the Late Middle Ages.”

  • 2013–2014 - Mellon Fellows

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