Fifteen Medieval Latin Parodies

Edited by
Martha Bayless

TMLT 35 • x, 122 pp. • 2018 • ISBN 978-0-88844-485-1 • Paper • $19.95

The fifteen short texts edited here offer vivid examples of the wit and irreverence of medieval Latin parody, a tradition whose humour – sometimes bookish, sometimes ribald, and often both – was never far from the cultures of monastery, school, and court. Mock sermons, prayers, Gospel-texts, and scholastic exercises all bear witness to the wry sensibilities indulged by scholars and clerics alike in their off-hours.

Published for the Centre for Medieval Studies by the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies.


Martha Bayless is Professor of English at the University of Oregon, specializing in medieval popular culture, including humor, games, and the cultural meanings of food. Her first book on medieval humor was Parody in the Middle Ages: The Latin Tradition, and she is editor of the forthcoming Bloomsbury Cultural History of Comedy: The Middle Ages. With Debby Banham, she forms part of the Early English Bread Project. She received her doctorate from the University of Cambridge.


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