Mediaeval Studies Volume 72 (2010)

Edited by
Jonathan Black

ISSN 0076–5872
Volume 72 (2010) • ISBN 978–0–88844–674–9 • $90

An annual journal of scholarship on the Middle Ages. A description of the journal and editorial policy, as well as tables of contents for recently published volumes, and indexes in electronic form, are available on the Mediaeval Studies page elsewhere on this site.


ANDREW M. BERESFORD   Rereading Jerome in Spain in the Middle Ages: The Vida de Sant Paulo and the Legend of St. Paul of Thebes | 1

LUISA NARDINI   The St. Peter Connection and the Acquisition of a Roman Offertory in Bologna and Benevento | 39
JOHN F. ROMANO   Joy in Waiting? The History of Gaudete Sunday | 75
MARTIN DIMNIK   The Nature of Princely Rule in Novgorod from 970 to 1136 | 125
MARY AGNES EDSALL   Learning from the Exemplar: Anselm's Prayers and Meditations and the Charismatic Text | 161
ATRIA A. LARSON   The Influence of the School of Laon on Gratian: The Usage of the Glossa ordinaria and Anselmian Sententiae in De penitentia (Decretum C.33 Q.3) | 197
DAVID PORRECA   Albertus Magnus and Hermes Trismegistus: An Update | 245
VICTOR SALAS   Albertus Magnus and Thomas Aquinas on the Analogy between God and Creatures | 283
JOSEPH GROSSI   Cloistered Lydgate, Commercial Scribe: British Library Harley 2255 Revisited | 313


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