Mediaeval Studies Volume 74 (2012)

Edited by
Jonathan Black

ISSN 0076–5872
Volume 74 (2012) • ISBN 978–0–88844–676–3 • $95 

An annual journal of scholarship on the Middle Ages. A description of the journal and editorial policy, as well as tables of contents for recently published volumes, and indexes in electronic form, are available on the Mediaeval Studies page elsewhere on this site.


R. JAMES LONG   James Patrick Reilly, Jr. (1921–2012) | vii

JOHN C. WEI   A Twelfth-Century Treatise on Charity: The Tract “Vt autem hoc euidenter” of the Sentence Collection Deus itaque summe atque ineffabiliter bonus | 1 
LOUIS SHWARTZ   The Quodlibet secundum of Ferrarius Catalanus, O.P., Parisian Master and Successor of St. Thomas Aquinas | 51 
HELEN BIRKETT   Visions of the Other World from the Cistercian Monastery of Melrose | 101 
SEAN L. FIELD   Guido of Collemezzo’s Extracciode dictis Bernardi et quibusdam aliis super Evangelio “Missus est angelus Gabriel” | 143

SCOTT THOMPSON SMITH   Inextricabilis dissensio: Property, Dispute, and Sanctity in the Vita S. Wilfridi | 163 
ANDREW W. LEWIS   The Beginning of the Year in the Limousin: The Evidence from the Chronicle and Notes of Bernard Itier | 197 
WILLIAM C. McDONALD   “So wol dir gotes wundertal”: Thirteenth-Century Song-Poems on the World by Friedrich von Sonnenburg | 219 
DON A. MONSON   Censorship and Self-Censorship? The Case of Drouart la Vache, Translator of Andreas Capellanus | 243 
JULIUS KIRSHNER   Was Bartolo da Sassoferrato a Source for Christine de Pizan? | 263 
J. PATRICK HORNBECK II   “A Prophane or Hethyn Thing”: English Lollards on Baptism and Confirmation | 283 
AÐALHEIÐUR GUÐMUNDSDÓTTIR   The Dancers of De la Gardie 11 | 307


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