Mediaeval Studies Volume 77 (2015)

Edited by
Jonathan Black

ISSN 0076-5872
Volume 77 (2015) • ISBN 978-0-88844-679-4 • $110

An annual journal of scholarship on the Middle Ages. A description of the journal and editorial policy, as well as tables of contents for recently published volumes, and indexes in electronic form, are available on the Mediaeval Studies page elsewhere on this site.


CLAUDE LAFLEUR and DAVID PICHÉ with the collaboration of JOANNE CARRIER   The Questiones circa litteram de uniuersalibus and Expositio littere secunde partis prohemii of the Commentary on the Isagoge Attributed (?) to John Pagus (II. Principles of the Edition and Edition) | 1

CHARLES D. WRIGHT   More Latin Sources for the Old English “Three Utterances” Homilies | 45
VENETIA BRIDGES   Reading Walter of Châtillon’s Alexandreis in Medieval Anthologies | 81
SHAINOOL JIWA   From Slaves to Supporters: The Role of the Slavs in the Fatimid Mediterranean Empire in the Fourth / Tenth Century | 103
M. C. GAPOSCHKIN   The Feast of the Liberation of Jerusalem in London, British Library Additional 8927 Reconsidered | 127
F. DONALD LOGAN and CAROLINE D. ECKHARDT   Fragments from a Lost Court of Arches Act Book, 1445–1446 | 183

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