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The Institute has over 300 titles in print, as well as the journal Mediaeval Studies; it also publishes volumes on behalf of the Centre for Medieval Studies and The Dictionary of Old English in the University of Toronto. PIMS titles are usually part of a numbered series, and some are assigned a secondary series as well. This electronic catalogue lists all currently available Institute publications; a PDF version of the current catalogue is also available.

Roger Bacon: On Signs

Translated by
Thomas S. Maloney

Roger Bacon: On Signs Mediaeval Sources in Translation

Translated with an introduction and notes by Thomas S. Maloney.
Mediaeval Sources in Translation 54. 2013. xii, 148 pp.
ISBN 978–0–88844–304–5 • Paper • $19.95

Roger Bacon's Opus maius represents an attempt to create a whole new vision of what Christian education should be, one centered on service to the Church. One chapter of this work, “On Signs,” is the most comprehensive and innovative treatise on semiotics in the thirteenth century. To understand the myriad ways in which things and words signify, Bacon says, is “a thing of marvelous usefulness and beauty.”

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John Gower. Poems on Contemporary Events: The Visio Anglie (1381) and Cronica tripertita (1400)

A.G. Rigg and David R. Carlson

John Gower. Poems on Contemporary Events: The Visio Anglie (1381) and Cronica tripertita (1400) Studies and Texts

Edited by David R. Carlson, with a verse translation by A.G. Rigg. ST 174; British Writers 2. 2011. viii, 420 pp. ISBN 978–0–88844–174–4 • $150.00

NOTE:Co-published by The Bodleian Library (ISBN 978–1–85124–290–0). Customers in Europe, including the United Kingdom, please order from Bodleian Library Publishing

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