Mediaeval Studies Volume 80 (2018)

Edited by
Jonathan Black

ISSN 0076-5872
Volume 80 (2018) • ISBN 978-0-88844-682-4 • $120

An annual journal of scholarship on the Middle Ages. A description of the journal and its editorial policy, as well as indexes in electronic form and ordering information, are available on the Mediaeval Studies page elsewhere on this site.


In memoriam: Arthur George Rigg (1937–2019), by Greti Dinkova-Bruun  |  v

ELIZABETH A.R. BROWN and ALAN FOREY   Vox in excelso and the Suppression of the Knights Templar: The Bull, Its History, and a New Edition  |  1
GARRETT R. SMITH    Aufredo Gonteri on the Univocity of Being: Compilatio Lecturae primi Sententiarum distinctio 3 quaestiones 2–4  |  59
SEBASTIAN ROEBERT   The Nominations of Elionor of Sicily as Queen-Lieutenant in the Crown of Aragon: Edition and Commentary  |  171

GRETI DINKOVA-BRUUN   Libera nos a malo: Luxuria as Evil in the Preaching Manual Qui bene presunt  |  231
ANDREW N.J. DUNNING    St. Frideswide’s Priory as a Centre of Learning in Early Oxford  |  253
MAGDA HAYTON and ROBERT L.J. SHAW    Communicating Solutions to the Great Western Schism in 1380s France  |  297


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