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Edited and translated by
Christopher J. McDonough

Warner of Rouen. Moriuht

ST 121. 1995. x, 230 pp. Casebound. ISBN 978–0–88844–121–8 • $45.50


M. Michèle Mulchahey

“First the Bow is Bent in Study ...”: Dominican Education before 1350

Studies and Texts 132. 1998. xxii, 618 pp. Casebound. ISBN 978–0–88844–132–4 • $110.00

“First the bow is bent in study, then the arrow is released in preaching”: such is the image the Dominican Hugh of St-Cher once used to describe the relationship between learning and ministry which his order embodied. Taking that image as its starting-point, this book explores Dominican education during the first century of the order’s life, providing a detailed account of the full reach of the order’s schools, from the simple convent scholae and the practical training they imparted to the specialized studia operated by every province.

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