Etienne Gilson

Being and Some Philosophers

Second edition, corrected and enlarged, reprinted with minor corrections, 2016. xii, 235 pp. Paperback: ISBN 978-0-88844-415-8 • $27.50

Second edition, corrected and enlarged, 1952. xii, 235 pp. Casebound: ISBN 978-0-88844-401-1 • $39.95

The study of being was one of the main preoccupations of Gilson’s scholarly and intellectual life. Being and Some Philosophers is at once a testament to the persistence of those concerns and an important landmark in the history of the question of being. The book charts the ways in which being is translated across history, from unity in Plato and substance in Aristotle to essence in Avicenna and the act of existence in Aquinas. It examines the vicissitudes of essence and existence in Suarez and Christian Wolff, in Hegel and Kierkegaard, in order to uncover the metaphysical and existential foundations of modern thought.


Edited by
Terence P. McLaughlin

The Summa Parisiensis on the Decretum Gratiani

1952. xxxiv, 272 pp. ISBN 978-0-88844-403-5

This is the first print edition of a twelfth-century canonical work that has come down to the present in a single manuscript. The Summa Parisiensis treats all of the first part of the Decretum, and the second part with the exception of causae 27, 28 and 29. It is a useful aid for the study of medieval canon law. The editor describes the manuscript, discusses the problems in regard to dating, and concludes that it is of the thirteenth century, perhaps the first half. The date of the work itself is likewise discussed, and is placed by the editor at around 1160. The introduction also gives the available information on the author and the sources used.


Thomas Aquinas

On Kingship to the King of Cyprus

Translated by Gerald B. Phelan; revised with an introduction and notes by I.Th. Eschmann. MST 2. 1949. xl, 119 pp. ISBN 978–0–88844–251–2 • $13.50

Aquinas outlines the justification and proper practice of kingly government.


Edited by
J.T. Muckle

Algazel’s Metaphysics: A Mediaeval Translation

1933. 265 pp. ISBN 978-0-88844-400-4

This edition makes available to students of medieval philosophy an important and influential work of al-Ghāzzalī (1058–1111) as actually used at the time. An appendix transcribes a long note in the base manuscript made up of extracts from the De divisione naturae of Gundissalinus, while a second gives the other marginal notes as well as the variants. This edition has proved serviceable for over 70 years, and is still a necessary tool for anyone working in the field of medieval metaphysics as developed in Latin during the thirteenth century.

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