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Edited by
Dorothea Kullmann

The Church and Vernacular Literature in Medieval France

Studies and Texts 165; Toronto Studies in Romance Philology 1. 2009. viii, 296 pp. Casebound. ISBN 978–0–88844–165–2 • $75.00

Specialists in linguistics, literature, history, and musicology address the interaction between lay and religious cultures and the productive tension that resulted from the situation of the Church in medieval France.


Edited and translated by
James P. Carley

John Leland. De uiris illustribus / On Famous Men

With the assistance of Caroline Brett. ST 172; British Writers 1. 2010. clx, 868 pp., with 8 black-and-white plates. ISBN 978–0–88844–172–0 • $175.00

NOTE: Co-published by The Bodleian Library (ISBN 978–1–85124–367–9). Customers in Europe, including the United Kingdom, please order from Bodleian Library Publishing


Joanne Findon

Lady, Hero, Saint: The Digby Play’s Mary Magdalene

ST 173. 2011. viii, 232 pp. ISBN 978-0-88844-173-7 • $85.00

Recalling genres as varied as lyric poetry, romance, fabliau, sermons, meditations, and hymns, the late medieval Digby Mary Magdalene play presents an especially complex version of the popular saint.

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